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Tell us how many applicants you want. Pay us only when we deliver them with all the required paperwork (resume, CV, work history, salary history and more.

We will hand post it to other sites such as search engines, social media, niche sites, job boards, local listing and classifieds.

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We use Linkedin to help us find top sale producers for our clients. Linkedin is more than a place to seek a candidates background (resume), it also gives us insight into the background, passion and character.

Make sure you have a complete and detailed profile.

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Your resume is your 24 hours sales brochure. It should be written to catch the eye of employers and recruiter looking to fill jobs with top sales producers. If you are seriously looking for a new job, posting your resume shows recruiters you are ready to make a move.

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Know someone that would be great for one of our jobs? Tell us about them and if they get the job through us, we will share some of our revenue with you.

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What Is An Independent Sales Person

You already know what to expect when you hire a full time employees for sales jobs. The new trend in the country is to hire Independent Sales Professional. They are different and offer some unique benefits:

You do not have to provide them with office space, equipment or training. They are self employed.

You do not pay their federal or state taxes, social security or insurance. They manage their own.

You do not spend your time trying to manage them to ensure the job is done.

They are already motivate to get the job quickly and efficently. They have other clients.

You can evaluate their performance and make corrections if needed. They work on contract.

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