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Power Sales Jobs Connects Top Sales Producers With Employers And Recruiters. We Build Diverse High Performing Sales Teams. Search Our Jobs, Send Your Resume, 100% Free To Job Seekers.

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Resume stays confidential (not displayed on the internet). When candidate apply to one of our jobs, we vet them first before sending to our client to review, interview and possibly hire.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing - Contract Recruiters

Power Sales Job mission is to connect top sales producers with employers and recruiters. We work with your team to proactively find quality people for your job.

We help employers and recruiters find, screen and verify qualified candidates, for jobs that they may have open now or in the future. We use technology and 30 years real world experience to help you find and identify true sales talent for all your open jobs.

✔ Source, screen, and coordinate interviews for prospective candidates.

✔ Proactively network and source and diligently manage candidates applications.

✔ Search internal databases, job boards, social media, networking, and cold-calling.

✔ Execute and manage effective interview and selection processes.

✔ Present offers to candidates and coordinates offer package with HR team

Outsource part or all of your recruitment process. Average Rates 5-15% of first year salary. Guaranteed 12 months or we replace no extra cost. Outsource Locally!

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Post Your Sales Jobs - Get Power People

Great for startups, upgrading current teams or launching a new product, we can help.

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Post Jobs Free for 15 days. Use the Internal Applicant tracking system to track applications. We will optimize your jobs so that search engines, networks, trade sites and others will add them to thier sites.

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Premium Job Posts

Get 15 to 35 matching candidates to your open sales jobs. We guarantee you will get matching applicants or 100% of your money will be refunded. To reach more, we re-post your jobs on Indeed, Google, Linkedin and others.

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Looking For A Sales Job?

Invest the time to write a really powerful resume. Resumes tell your story and sells your qualification for jobs. Recruiter partner with each other to find quality candidates. Your resume helps them refer you for open jobs.

Your resume and personal info is safe with us. We will not sell, trade or use your information. Unfortunately there are some that use job boards to solicit business, we do not period. We limit sponsor ads to this site only and send no emails soliciting.

Calling a recruiter trying to sell yourself on the phone or sending multiple emails only sends a message to the recruiter or employer.

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Affiliate Program for Power Sales Jobs. You can add our link to your website, put on your email or are running a banner ad, you can put us on your site and every time someone clicks to us and we earn revenue, so do you.

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Affiliate Program for Power Sales Jobs. You can add our link to your website, put on your email or are running a banner ad, you can put us on your site and every time someone clicks to us and we earn revenue, so do you.

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Recruiters Are Using Linkedin To Find Sales Representatives, Managers, Marketing and More

We use Linkedin to help us find top sale producers for our clients. Linkedin is more than a place to seek a candidates background (resume), it also gives us insight into the background, passion and character. In many cases we add the candidate Linkedin profile to our presentation. Why? It answers the questions of employment history, recommendations, interests, passion and skills.

Review the video to see how you can use Linkedin to find a job, change career paths or build your professional career network. In the video you will learn the three steps to using Linkedin to find a job.

  • Make sure you have a complete and detailed Linkedin profile.
  • Consider the titles of the people that can hire you. Linked-in can help you find them.
  • Then use Linkedin to make contact with hiring managers. (Review Video)

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