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Our Job is to connect top sales producers with our clients. Search our jobs and apply, it cost you nothing. Good luck in your job pursuit and career.

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Recruiters and employers use Linkedin to find talent. We can help you design your profile so that it gets attention.

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Get 25-100 qualified, matching candidates in 7 days or less. Each comes with all paperwork you need.

You name the rate you want to pay, and we will develop our strategy to earn it. If we fail to deliver you owe us nothing.

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Tell us about a friend or employer that would benefit from our services. We will make contact with them based on your referral.

If the prospective job seeker or employer signs on and uses us, we will share 10-15% of the revenue with you.

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Power Sales Jobs LLC
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Using My 25 Years Of Real World Selling Experience I Help Companies Build Diverse, High Performing Sales Organizations. I Use Technology To My Advantage In Recruiting Top Talent By Using Search Engines, Social Media, Networking And Other Sites.